2009 Drinking Guide: Crazy Ted’s

Jun. 30, 2009


The Basics: 5897 Whitfield Ave., Sarasota, 358-9861 [map it]
Signature Drink(s): Key Lime Pie, Fat Pussy
Most friendliest bartender(s): Amanda

Crazy Ted’s is nothing new for owner Ted Burbo – he used to own nine of them all over California, one of which was lengthily featured in the John Cusack movie “Roadside Prophets.” These days he sticks to his one “soon to be famous” bar tucked away in Palm-Aire Plaza. The crowd is always a mix: older professionals just off work, younger rednecks stopping in on their way back east of 75, and the ever present “karaoke cougars.” Karaoke is what weekends at Ted’s are all about, with bar dancing highly encouraged for the ladies. The bar walls are covered with colorful murals of sharks, Pancho Villa-like characters and funny phrases like “We cheat tourists and drunks.” A sign above the mirror in the men’s bathroom reads, “Know wonder your going home alone,” (spelled that way) and the women’s used to say, “You can do better.”  (Someone stole that one.) Must be why all the beer glasses say, “Stolen from Crazy Ted’s.”


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