2009 Drinking Guide: Entersection Bar & Grill

Jun. 28, 2009


The Basics: 3655 Webber St., Ste. B, Sarasota, 923-4785 or theentersection.com [map it]
Signature Drink(s): Shiner Bock
Most friendliest bartender(s): Summer

There aren’t too many establishments that theme their pubs after something as brain-numbing as traffic, but sitting at this Entersection is actually quite pleasant. The big stoplights hanging on the walls make you happy to be out of the car and at the bar. This neighborhood drinking spot went through a major remodel in March. The new granite bar top and big tiles covering the floor and bar back give it a clean look. A row of flat-screen TVs behind the bar show various sports games. A few screens have Texas hold ’em in progress, which the patrons play with trivia-game-style controllers. The drinks don’t get too fancy, but they have a solid sandwich and bar-food menu with nothing on it over $7. The hot wings are big, crispy and spicy enough to bring a sweat, and at 25 cents on Wednesdays and 50 cents every other day, they’re big sellers. You will usually find a few folks chilling at the Tiki bar out back, but the inside stage is where karaoke goes down on Fridays. And did I mention the ping-pong table?


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