2009 Drinking Guide: T-Katz

Jun. 29, 2009


The Basics: 2920 Beneva Road, Sarasota, 924-0283 or tkatzpub.com [map it]
Signature Drink(s): Krusovice on tap (Czech Republic beer)
Most friendliest bartender(s): Bryan

T-Katz is a great local spot to experience a bit of European hospitality. As I pull up a bar stool, the Hungarian guy to my left extends an open cigarette pack toward me before we even make eye contact. This behavior is common custom among the Czech, Hungarian, British, Irish and other Euro populations that are known to frequent the pub. Bryan behind the bar is an obvious New Yorker, but he shares a similar generosity. With different nationalities come different socializing styles. Patrons often take turns buying rounds for the bar rather than just worrying about their own tab. It’s not all foreign though. There is an eclectic mix of white collar grey hairs, blue collar sports fans, and young couples dispersed among the funny accents. The famous Perry’s BBQ often makes an appearance on the menu and service industry employees get happy hour prices every night. Sundays feature Wii Bowling on the big screen.


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