2009 Summer Guide artist #1 — Villanova Junction

Apr. 27, 2009

Villanova Junction: \”Panic\” (“Panic”)


Members: Ryan O’Neill (vocals, guitar), Erin Johnson (organ), Julian Leonard (drums)

Sounds like: The Doors, Kings of Leon, Murder by Death

Villanova Junction is a three-piece with some serious sound. O’Neill met Leonard at a party two years ago where they discovered their mutual love for the Misfits. Johnson joined up after he saw them play their first show on a Halloween night: “We started with some covers like The Doors and Murder City Devils and then we ventured off and did our own stuff.” They put out their self-titled album in January and are now writing material for the follow-up. “The tempo is definitely a little different,” says O’Neill, “I think we want to gear towards more energy, connecting more with the crowd and the listeners.” Johnson plays a vintage Hammond organ with all original parts from the late ’60s and he fills out the low end with a modern keyboard. The group wants to tour as soon as they get the “fundage.” “We’re not an ego-based, bastard kind of band,” says O’Neill.


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