2009 Summer Guide artist #17 — Everyone Owns the Right

May 1, 2009

Everyone Owns the Right: \”Beautiful Pursuit\” (“Beautiful Pursuit”)


Members: Stormy Angel (vocals), DJ Imminent (beats), EvLove (vocals)

Sounds like: Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill

Everyone Owns the Right began as an open call to MCs in the area. “That was my whole goal,” says DJ Imminent, “to get as many people I knew that were musical and cool involved in this project.” The group was eventually whittled down to the three core members: DJ Imminent, his wife Stormy Angel, and their high school friend EvLove. They first performed together at Sarasota’s 2006 EarthDance Festival and soon realized that their lyrics shared a common theme: consciousness. “In every song there is a bit of a lesson,” says Stormy Angel. Imminent creates the beats with instruments and synthesizers and then the trio uses singing, rapping and slam poetry to soak the songs in social and political commentary. Their new release, Natural Science, is a concept album that begins with natural, organic instrumental beats and gets more produced and futuristic as the album progresses.


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