2009 Summer Guide artist #18 — Muphin Chuckrs

May 1, 2009

Muphin Chuckrs: \”Boyz N Gurlz\” (“Boyz N Gurlz”)


Members: Dustin White (vocals, guitar), Dan Edwards (guitar), Zach Phillips (drums), Nate Reid (bass)

Sounds like: Incubus, 311, Green Day

The Muphin Chuckrs have been playing together for nearly a decade, but only reached legal drinking age two years ago. The original trio (minus Reid) met in guitar class at Manatee School for the Arts in 1999. After switching around on instruments, they decided Phillips had the rhythm, Edwards had the chops and White had the pipes. “We started in a garage,” says White. “We were a true garage band.” Green Day was the main influence at the beginning, but they soon expanded into blues, rock, reggae and metal. Bassist Reid joined about four years ago and they have been gigging steadily since. “We’ve played everything from parties to bars to theaters to talent shows to small clubs to the rooftop at Piranha,” says White, “everything you can think of in Bradenton, Sarasota and Palmetto we’ve hit at least once.” They’ve recorded eight independent albums with Wes Price at Polysound Studios in Bradenton. “He’s the shit.”


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