2009 Summer Guide artist #19 — Bootleg

May 1, 2009

Bootleg: \”Holmes Beach\” (“Holmes Beach”)


Members: Robyn Tingen (bass), Mark Pelham (vocals, guitar), Juan Montero (keyboard, saxophone, trombone), Mike Fender (drums)

Sounds like: Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars

Bootleg formed in 2005 as a three-piece and played their first show at the Distillery Tavern. “They gave us our first start and it’s just been catching like wild fire since then,” says Tingen. They figured out early on how to play original sets in a cover-riddled music scene. “We created four hours of material and sent ourselves in and said, ‘We can draw just as much, we can sell just as much liquor, and now it’s time for you to pay us.’ Now we’re probably the highest paid original band in the area.” They brought on Fender and Montero last year and are currently recording their third album. They have already completed an east coast tour and are planning to tour the west coast in the fall. Their songs, which weave between reggae, ska, punk and dub, have traditionally been party songs, but now they are starting to write more conscious lyrics.


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