2009 Summer Guide artist #20 — Spontaneous Habit

May 1, 2009

Spontaneous Habit: \”Upside Down\” (“Upside Down”)


Members: Shannon Fortner (vocals), Allen Holsberg (bass), Phil Anderson (drums), Jeremy Egglefield (keyboards)

Sounds like: Björk, Portishead

Spontaneous Habit first formed back in 2002 and even won Weekly Planet’s Best New Band in 2004. The original carnation featured alto sax and later morphed into flute and keys. New drummer Anderson and keyboardist Egglefield joined in 2006 and the current line-up put out Like Minded People — recorded at Egglefield’s East Avenue Recording Studio. They play a variety of styles: acid and fusion jazz, reggae, funk, down-tempo, latin, trip-hop and world beat, an eclecticism necessary when performing four-hour all-original sets at Esca. Fortner (who also sings with another featured Summer Guide artist, MeteorEyes) uses processors and loop machines on her voice and has books of poems that are now songs or will be soon. “This project is more surreal,” she says, “so I’ve got the sensual, haunting, lucid dreamy lyrics.” Their latest material “has more energy, more funkiness,” says Anderson. “I believe were combining our styles and what comes out is just a result of being who we are.”


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