2009 Summer Guide artist #3 — Completely From Mountains

Apr. 27, 2009

Completely From Mountains: \”All These Things I Need to Know\” (“All These Things I Need to Know”)


Members: David Daly (vocals, guitar)

Sounds like: David Gray, Brian Eno

Completely From Mountains consists of singer-songwriter David Daly and whoever else happens to be contributing. The 27-year-old has written songs since his teens but recently started focusing on a music career. He sold cars at a Lexus dealership for seven years before getting laid off three months ago. “It’s a blessing in disguise,” Daly says. “You sort of lose your soul.” Now Daly has time for his music. “The first thing I do when I wake up is make coffee and pick up my guitar. I’ve been writing a lot.” He goes by the moniker Completely From Mountains because it allows him to be a solo act or collaborate with other players on projects and shows. Jeff and Leon Kerber from Big Blu House have backed him up live. His sound is very ambient and ethereal. “I just really like the sound of reverb. It’s got this big cathedral like sound. I just crank it up.”


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