2009 Summer Guide artist #4 — Big Blu House

Apr. 27, 2009

Big Blu House: \”New Saloon\” (“New Saloon”)


Members: Big Leon (keyboards), J-Blu (MC), J-House (drums), Johnny Rockwell (bass)

Sounds like: Outkast, The Roots, G. Love

Big Blu House fully formed just a few months ago. Brothers Jeff (J-House) and Big Leon Kerber have jammed around town for years and played in a number of bands including Fiasco and Tough Sons. They met J-Blu at a Noble Romans in Bradenton and began putting his unique lyrics to some of their funk and hip-hop beats. They added Johnny Rockwell after seeing him playing air bass behind the bar during a show they had at Pastimes, where Leon and Rockwell both work. “We played in hundreds of shows with different bands” says Leon, “but when we first got on stage with this one we were like ‘wow, this is really working.’” The group plans to keep the momentum going with a studio album and then a tour. “The feeling of just getting started is strong. This is the very beginning.”


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