2009 Summer Guide artist #5 — Nino Pinelli

Apr. 27, 2009

Nino Pinelli: \”Ice Age\” (“Ice Age”)


Sounds like: A male Norah Jones, Damien Rice

Nino Pinelli has led every bit the dramatic life of a poignant songwriter, hopping between Sarasota and New York City in cycles of energy expenditure and rejuvenation. Opportunities arose while gigging around NYC, but the complicated mind of an artist often trumps reason. “I was sitting at the record company and the guy was just trying to pull me out,” says Pinelli, “but I was in the depths at that point. I just didn’t care.” In 2004 he finished recording six tunes in his closet at 3 a.m., took a plane to Sarasota a few hours later, and never released anything. “I was just so done, so burnt out. I had finally come up with the material saying what I want to say, but I didn’t want to say it anymore.” Now 33 and a father, Pinelli is starting fresh. “Now the goal is different, the goal is the belief that the music is relevant.”


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