2009 Summer Guide artist #9 — Stuk

Apr. 27, 2009

Stuk: \”Val.I.Dated\” (“Val.i.dated”)


Members: Nik (vocals), Mo (guitar), Kirk (drums), Judd (bass/vocals)

Sounds like: Mudvayne, Deftones, Korn

Stuk brought in Judd, the new bass player, about a year ago and the band’s sound has been evolving since. They take pride in creating music that can’t be categorized. “We’ve got everything from hip-hop to rap to country to anything,” says Judd. “We just try to throw it in. If we start writing something that sounds like something, we shit-can it. There’s nothing more terrible than a fucking label.” The boys practice and record at Top Secret Studios and are nearly finished with their new EP. They find that metal in Sarasota is “coming back, slowly but surely” and credit Steel Can Alley for supporting the scene. The band is passionate about their performances: “We strive to be right on the money and put on a great show for people. Make you want to punch the guy standing next to you or hold him crying.”


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