Next destination in my epic journey to the remote towns of the Suncoast: Anna Maria

Mar. 24, 2009

Here’s the next stop in my journey to the most remote towns of the Suncoast:


Anna Maria Island is known as the “wedding capital of Florida,” but I managed to emerge with my bachelorhood intact. The Rod & Reel Pier (875 N. Shore Drive, 778-1885, picture at right) is a nice spot to pick up a killer mahi mahi sandwich and trade your best fishing stories. Ask Brett the bartender if he will give his friend Mike Wagner a call and you might score a tour of the Little Giant Brewery. Wagner has been brewing beer for eight years and has perfected 35 recipes he is preparing to unleash upon the world once he makes it through the process to obtain his ATF license. In all my drinkin’, I almost forgot: Anna Maria’s beaches are nice too.

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