Next pit stop on my epic journey to the remote towns of the Suncoast: Rubonia

Mar. 25, 2009

Here’s the next destination in my journey to the most remote towns of the Suncoast:


When I showed up to Rubonia the town was on fire — literally. A brush blaze was smoking from behind the African Methodist Episcopal Church. I escaped into a convenience store called theRubonia Crown Town (couldn’t find the address, picture at right) and asked what there was to do here. She pointed me to Uppy’s: “It’s a gas station. Got a Subway and Dairy Queen and everything.” She sounded impressed. I stopped at the newly built Uppy’s on 41 (ditto the lack of address) and got a Mint Oreo Blizzard™ and some oil for my car engine, which was getting hot and stinky. Based on my brief experience, I sure as hell didn’t want to break down in Rubonia.


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