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Why a Sarasota painter removed a non-nude painting from a Sarasota Orchestra gallery (Published February 10, 2010)

A day on the high seas with Sarasota artist and fishing captain Tom Stephens (Published March 24, 2010)

Golden boy: The work of Ringling Museum Conservation Technician/Gilder Dave Piurek will be available to wear at S/ART/Q’s second screen-printing party (Published September 8, 2010)

Arty pARTée: Organizations all over the Suncoast are joining forces to launch Festival sARTée in an effort to brand Sarasota-Manatee as a premier arts destination (Published October 6, 2010)

Industry standard: A Ringling photography student is working to realize Sarasota’s fashion potential (Published October 20, 2010)


Brand aid: Ringling College’s fourth annual International Design Summit highlights the importance of design in building a business (Published February 3, 2010)

ShamWow: How Shamrock owner Derek Anderson is helping turn around east Ringling Boulevard (Published March 10, 2010)

Cheap trick: A business model tailor-made for economic recession has allowed the Sarasota Guitar Company to thrive in a hurry (Published June 2, 2010)

Publisher’s clearing house: Even with a drop in book sales, local authors still strive to get their work in the hands of readers (Published June 23, 2010)


The Local Original: CL debuts its new column covering all aspects of the Suncoast original music scene (Published September 29, 2010)

The Local Original: An overview of the Suncoast music scene reveals progress and change (Published October 13, 2010)

The Local Original: Getting paid for musical art is not a Suncoast tradition (Published November 17, 2010)


Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences teams with ShelterBox USA to help Haiti (Published March 3, 2010)

Textbook example: Tim Sukits wades into the battle between Rich Swier and the Sarasota County School Board (Published July 28, 2010)

Vlad the Educator: One of the world’s greatest pianists teams up with his former student to open Cultural Center Miracle in North Port (Published December 15, 2010)

Green Living

The Green Issue: Life and death — from green sex toys to an eco-funeral (Published April 14, 2010)

The Green Issue: How to reduce your transportation waste (Published April 14, 2010)


Immaculate Perception: On the Sarasota set of movie director John Pocino’s latest labor of love (Published Dec. 21, 2009)

The horror film, the horror film: On the set of the eminently quotable Mangrove Slasher II (Published April 28, 2010)

Diamond in the rough: The producers of Beautiful Noise are making Suncoast film production a top priority (Published July 21, 2010)

Absolutely fabulous: The 12th Annual LGBT Film Fest covers the full spectrum of gay life (Published August 18, 2010)

Once upon a time: Anthony Paull and Something Spilled Productions represent SRQ at this year’s LGBT Film Festival (Published August 18, 2010)

Slash and learn: The story of locally produced horror flick Mangrove Slasher II’s murder, and how the film is now rising from the grave (Published September 15, 2010)


Sarasota’s Svend Asmussen reflects on a career as one of the most sought-after jazz violinists of the past century (Published Dec. 14, 2009)

Online organizing: Music Scene and Be Seen launches a new website in an effort to unify supporters of original live music (Published February 17, 2010)

Newcomer’s Guide: Which songs to sing at our most popular karaoke spots (Published March 17, 2010)

Local music: The Terry T. Trio deepens its family bond through music (Published May 5, 2010)

Band of brothers: Before signing with Universal Republic, Boyce Avenue achieved world notoriety DIY-style (Published May 27, 2010)

Fresh Muphins at Mattison’s: A local restaurant chain gives original music a spin (Published July 14, 2010)

Making money from scratch: How the Vinyl Music Festival is bringing Sarasota together to rethink its economic game (Published July 14, 2010)

Come original: Out of all the live music venues on the Suncoast, three have stood firm in their long-time support for original music, thanks to their owners (Published September 22, 2010)

Back and blue: The Sarasota Blues Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary with the hottest line-up in its long and storied history (Published November 4, 2010)

Rock this way: The Rockstarr Bentley Landing Party is really Five Points Collective’s first lesson in musical promotion through community collaboration (Published December 1, 2010)

The Local Original: Artists of the 941 are called to crank it up once again with submissions for Noise Ordinance 2 now being accepted (Published December 8, 2010)


The Noise Issue: Inane regulations have prevented Sarasota from becoming a great live music town, but the times might be a-changin’ (Published January 27, 2010)

Making its case: How Mattison’s City Grille convinced the Sarasota City Commission to change its tune on downtown outdoor live music (Published February 17, 2010)

Talking’ health care: Listening to what locals have to say about new health care legislation (Published March 31, 2010)

WSLR shake-up: A change at Sarasota’s community radio station leaves the anti-noise ordinance movement without one of its most prominent voices (Published April 21, 2010)

Milking it: The 1st Annual Harvey Milk Festival aims to entertain while getting the word out about the fight for LGBT civil rights (Published May 20, 2010)

Sounding off: County Commission candidates speak up on the noise issue (Published October 27, 2010)


Q&A: Nico Muhly (Published February 24, 2010)

On the world stage: Acting troupes from 11 countries make their way to Venice for the 2010 International Theatre Festival (Published June 16, 2010)

War is hell: Award-winning documentary Restrepo sends viewers on a deployment to the deadliest place in Afghanistan (Published August 4, 2010)


Local Music Review: Dan Rixon’s In My Head (Published January 6, 2010)

Local Music Review: Youth (Published January 13, 2010)

Local Music Review: Fancy Rat’s debut self-titled EP is a dance-happy hodgepodge of revelry (Published June 30, 2010)


Newcomer’s Guide: How to enjoy Suncoast waters (Published March 17, 2010)

Newcomer’s Guide: The best places to play your favorite sports (Published March 17, 2010)


The 5th Annual Got a Minute? Play Festival brings out the best for a great cause (Published August 25, 2010)

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