Solomon’s Castle

Mar. 24, 2009

(Photo courtesy

Next place in my epic journey to the remote towns of the Suncoast: Lily

Here’s the next destination in my journey to the most remote towns of the Suncoast:


Lily has a dot on the map for one reason — a magical little place called Solomon’s Castle (4533 Solomon Road, Ona, 863-494-6077 or — the address is in Ona because Lily doesn’t have a post office, picture at right). Here, internationally renowned artist Howard Solomon has shared his home, art galleries and workshop with the public since the late ’70s. The castle features 80 stained-glass windows and is sheeted with metal printing plates. Nearly everything on the grounds is made from recycled materials. This includes Solomon’s countless sculptures that each come with a joke while taking the tour. Don’t pass up the Boat in the Moat Restaurant, Solomon’s life-size ship eatery, complete with Lily Lighthouse gift shop. The place serves a mean meatloaf.


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