The Local Original: Artists of the 941 are called to crank it up once again with submissions for Noise Ordinance 2 now being accepted

Published December 8, 2010

If you happened to attend the first incarnation of Noise Ordinance back in February, then you have a pretty good idea why it won the title of “Best Local Music Festival” in our Best of the Suncoast Readers’ Poll last month. The hyper-local, yet intriguingly unfamiliar gathering helped to introduce the various sub-scenes of our largely splintered music community to one another, revealing for the first time a complete picture of what the “Suncoast music scene” actually looks like. Bands saw their fellow area musicians displaying high morale and excited about the uniquely artistic environment they were creating.  And everyone finally seemed to figure out where they fit within the larger local scene, respecting and supporting the contributions from each part of the whole.

Since that first go around, Noise Ordinance co-founders Claire Franklin, Katherine Derr and Ed Midler along with promoter Chris Falk. Falk has since moved to Michigan, but that won’t stop the remaining trio from bringing back Sarasota’s original music showcase in the form of Noise Ordinance 2, now officially presented With the submission selection process fully underway months ahead of last year’s call out, SMS plans to follow up a successful first year event with a mind blowing sequel.

Interested bands have to meet some basic criteria to have their music considered for the album: must reside in the 941 area code, must have a considerable amount of original music in their repertoire, must regularly play that music at live shows, and must be willing to perform a 20-30 minute set at the CD release party going down April 9 at the Cock & Bull. The judging panel will take those criteria into account, along with the submitted song’s recording quality and general awesomeness, when it considers which tracks to include this year. SMS plans to compose the panel of 20 or so judges by choosing community members with diverse backgrounds and tastes. Acceptance stops when the disc is filled.

This harsh judging process wasn’t something Franklin, Midler and Derr really had to worry about last year. The 38 tracks they had received just happened to fit perfectly on the two-disc compilation, meaning no artists were turned away. But the trio expects to get more submissions than they can handle this time around, and the panel assures all tracks will be judged fairly. The good news for artists is that there is no submission fee. Last year each artist paid $50 to cover CD printing costs, which was later refunded after the money was made back at the release show. But since SMS rolled their profit over from last year, every band with a song featured on Noise Ordinance 2 automatically gets a bag of the compilations to sell or give out at their shows.

Those compilations will look a bit different as well, as this year’s call out isn’t just for music tracks. SMS is also accepting visual art submissions to be used for the album’s cover design. They plan to print 2,000 copies to be distributed to the participating artists like last year, except this year there will be 500 copies made of each of the four winning cover designs. The winning designs will be selected by the Noise Ordinance committee, which includes the SMS crew, Erin Murphy, Greg Ferris, Jen O’Connor, David Daly and Rob Demperio, host of WSLR’s Lumpytunes, acting as a liaison for the local community radio station. All the winning cover designs will be displayed in their original form at the release show, along with other visual art offerings on display.

If you’re a local musician, artist or potential sponsor interested in getting involved with Noise Ordinance 2, make your way, where you will find all the song, cover design and sponsorship form submission guidelines. The deadline is January 15, so get on it. And if you are looking to cut a recording with the quality needed to make it through the judging gauntlet, the album’s first official sponsor, Top Secret Studios, is here to assist with deals on studio time being offered forNoise Ordinance 2 submissions.

Let’s show the world — again — what Sarasota music is all about.

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