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Published Sept. 16, 2009

True Hollywood Screen Test is upping their game with the Gulf Coast Talent & Film Expo at the Manatee County Convention Center this Saturday, September 19. I decided to test my skills in their home-made audition truck and try a little acting in front of the green screen. In the first video I try my hand at a comedy script, which turned out pretty well except for the part where I was supposed to ACT like I had a phone in my hand. The second clip was my go at a dramatic monologue. It’s supposed to be set in some sort of a horror movie setting, but the only thing that’s horrible is the acting. I also played a few of my original tunes to show off the talent I actually do have. Check ’em out after the break:

This clip was my go at a comedy script. I was supposed to act like I was answering a phone before I delivered the last line. I kind of, um, forgot to do that. So, just pretend I’m talking to Arie Gold on my Blue Tooth head set after my attitude changes. It’s called ACTING people.

This is my try at a dramatic monologue. The scene is supposed to be me and my dog in the middle of the woods after we had lost track of our friends and got lost. I didn’t scream at the end of the first take so Brian Ibasfalean said I had to put some more feeling in it with some volume. Not the most blood-curdling scream in the world, but at least I’m giving it my all.

In this clip, I give it a go as a wildlife expert. I’m summoning the spirit of the great “Croc Hunter” Steve Irwin and, Crikey, it’s spot-on, Mate!

This is a song I wrote in college called “It’s Time.” It’s basically about sitting around the fraternity house watching my frat brothers play poker all night. I was never much of a gambler, but the card table always makes for good songwriting material. All of these music videos had to be cut down to under four minutes so most of them have the second verse edited out. If you want to hear the songs in their entirety, you’ll have to check them out at Enjoy the tunage!

I guess you could call this song my “hit” because everyone seems to dig it. It’s called “Here in Byron Bay” and I wrote it in 2005 while sitting on a tree by the beach in Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia. I had just returned from hanging out in Byron Bay all day, which is a laid-back surfing community located on Aussie’s eastern-most point. The 15-minute drive down the curvy road from Byron to Lennox always supplied plenty of inspiration for a budding songwriter.

I wrote this song in high school about all the parties I seemed to find myself showing up at every weekend. It’s called “Let’s Drink Some Beer,” and as you might guess by the title, it’s kind of a drinkin’ song. I added the fourth verse about spring break in Daytona a few years later in Australia. I never actually went to spring break in Daytona, but it rhymed with Corona.

This is yet another drinkin’ song I wrote in college called “Take Two Shots.” It’s about all my friends having “girlfriend problems” and how they always seemed to come to me for advice. I guess I’m a good listener – not so good in the advice department though. My answer to their problems was usually a prescription from my extensive medical knowledge: “take two shots and call me in the morning.”


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