Published March 31, 2011

TWISler’s Semi-Super Tuesday Voter Registration Drive

Hey there, all my fresh peeps! The TWISler’s looking to fill some voter rolls this fine Tuesday by reminding you we still have one more city commissioner to put in power, and all you blue collar bay dwellers in Sarasota’s first (and best) district will be the ones making that decision for us on May 10. But you can’t just go in there and vote cha’know ­– ya gots to getcho self registered!

So, just in case voting for your elected representative is something you might like to try out, you best understand you need to be registered at least 29 days before you can vote in an election, and you better recognize you have exactly two weeks from today before the April 11 deadline.

Thankfully, the good ol’ City of Sarasota offers plenty of ways to get signed up. In fact, it’s so easy the TWISler will hook you up with the Voter Registration Application right here, and even hook all your Latino hombres up with the Solicitud de inscripción para votar en la Florida aquí!

Now, all you’ve got to do is type your answers right in on the computer, print that sucker out, throw your John Hancock on there, slap a stamp on that bad boy, and mail it to the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Office at P.O. Box 4194, Sarasota, FL 34230-4194. If you’re allergic to stamps, or you’d just like to see where Kathy Dent works, you’re also free to hand-deliver your App directly to her desk at 101 S. Washington Boulevard downtown (that’s 301 and Ringling, people).

That is, unless you’d rather check out other counties’ supervisors of elections offices… in that case you can drop it off at any supervisor’s office, driver’s license office, armed forces recruitment office, or voter registration agency in the state. Hell, you can drive it up to the Division of Elections in Tallahassee and give Governor Skeletor a big kiss if that’s what you’re into – as long as you get your name in the books!

I’ll tell you why, District One. And I’m not going to sugar coat it… It’s no big secret that your voter turnout numbers haven’t traditionally been too hot. But you have to realize, this District One runoff race is the only chance a lot of you middle class workin’ folk will have to vote for someone more “on your level” until the next district elections roll around in 2015. That’s the whole reason Sarasota’s minority communities felt it necessary to sue the city for lack of representation back in 1985. Just so District One’s less monetarily endowed neighborhoods have a chance to elect their very own city commissioner. So far, Fredd “Glossie” Atkins has been the only one to hold the seat, but that’ll change for the first time May 10.

It’ll either be Linda “Neighborhood Queen” Holland, or Willie “Baptist Preacher Man” Shaw. Which one best represents you? You’ve got to register if you want to have a say.

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