Wave hello to Sarasota’s Rejuvenations: A new “energy enhancement center” wants to just get you mellow, man

Jun. 11, 2009

I walk through a set of French doors into a room with 16 tan leather reclining chairs arranged in a circle. In each corner of the room, two computer monitors display techno-color hieroglyphics reeling randomly up or down the screens at different speeds. As I settle into a recliner I hear a soft hum and slowly drift into a state of tranquility. I’m in the scalar bubble — my body is feeling the rhythm of the earth.

Rejuvenations, located at 2610 Bee Ridge Road, is Jim Trider and Joe Savage’s “whole body energy enhancement center.” The alt-healing entrepreneurs opened in late November and have already attracted more than 700 members. Trider says he’s seen a number of extraordinary things happen in the center: diabetics with substantial changes in blood sugar levels, a Parkinson’s patient who gained the ability to walk normally, a 78-year-old woman whose cataracts reportedly vanished after six weeks of treatment, and countless instances of pain relief and rapid healing.

He credits the effects to the Energy Enhancement System, a technology developed by world-renowned energy healer Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. The system consists of precisely configured special computers that supposedly emit scalar waves, which are non-linear, non-electromagnetic, fifth-dimensional waves that exist in neither time nor space. Advocates claim that scalar energy, or “zero-point energy,” is clinically proven to boost human cell regeneration, and immune and neurotransmitter functions.

The basic concept behind the technology is that our cells are constantly stressed by bad energies that make them resonate at 60 “cycles,” or vibrations, per second. The EE system creates what is called a “scalar bubble” where these energies are nullified, exposing cells to only seven to 14 cycles, which more resembles the natural resonance of earth. “You walk on the beach barefoot, you’re picking up that resonance,” says Trider. “You can’t measure the presence of [scalar waves], but you can measure the absence of 60 cycles.”

As cells slow their vibrations, they energize to a healthy 70-90 millivolts. “We have about 100 trillion cells in our body,” says Trider. “What you want to do is open these cells up with energy so they can take in nutrients, get rid of their waste and continue living. Cells that get down to 15-20 millivolts of energy go into survival mode and replicate themselves, that’s how degenerative disease spreads so rapidly.”

Michael began selling the EE system to private individuals and clinics eight years ago. Rejuvenations is the fist attempt to make it accessible to the general public. Trider and Savage want to replicate Rejuvenations into a nationwide franchise.

“It’s always been one or two chairs in a doctor’s office,” says Trider. “This is the model where we decided rather than going out and selling the machines, there was a better use for them, and that’s into the masses.” The center charges $15 per hour as opposed to the usual $90-$120 sessions at a doctor’s office.

Not everyone is a believer; the world of science has hotly debated the theory of scalar waves. A 2007 assessment from the U.S. Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center titled “Zero-Point Energy: Can We Get Something From Nothing?” makes the statement, “Forays into ‘free’ energy inventions and perpetual-motion machines using ZPE are considered by the broader scientific community to be pseudoscience.” But many scientists disagree. Dr. William A. Tiller, professor emeritus of materials science and engineering at Stanford University, believes “medicine today has proceeded to recognize that energy field.”

Personally, I felt like I was on cloud nine walking out of the place after a three-hour catnap. Were scalar waves calming my cells, or did I just need to catch up on my sleep? The scientists can settle that debate. I felt relaxed, and maybe that’s enough.

Photo by Editorial Intern Mary Johnson


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