What next? Fair Districts Florida fights for, well, um, fair districts

Published Dec. 29, 2009

The story: Fair Districts Florida launches a campaign to end gerrymandering in the Florida redistricting process by getting two amendments put on 2010 state ballots.
What next? Ellen Freidin and the Fair Districts Florida campaign are well on their way toward ballot certification. But they still need to raise a bit more money in order to get the last of the 676,811 signatures needed for each amendment validated in time for the Feb. 1 deadline. They have all the signatures for both the legislative and congressional amendments but they have to pay the Secretary of State a 10-cent processing fee for each signature verified, and with 1.4 million signatures you can do the math. They have seen major support though, raising $60,000 during a special Sept. 9 promotion alone. (9/9/09, get it?) They’ve also picked up a bunch of endorsements from organizations and media outlets all over the state.

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