CL’s First Look: Clothesline

“I would love to start a screenprinting business and design my own T-shirts, but these damn screenprinting machines cost so much money! What will I ever do? I know… I’ll just MacGyver one together out of homemade material and set it up above our new shop at 537 South Pineapple Ave.” This was the thought process of Austin Kowal and Evan Ekasala when they developed the business model for their newest venture, Clothesline Tees. The two 20-somethings are coming out with some wicked designs that they are limiting to one-per-shirt-size right now. They’ve only been in the screenprinting business for a little over three months, but they are already getting the hang of it —  the shirts look sweet.

I’m hanging out at the shop today to find out more: Keep checking back to get the full scoop, or just pick up next week’s issue. It’s the cover, bitches.


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