What next? Justin Matthews, “the python hunter,” lands in hot water

Published Dec. 29, 2009 WILDLIFE The story: Local wildlife expert Justin Matthews finds himself in hot water after admitting to planting the 14-foot Burmese Python he “rescued” from a Bradenton storm drain. What next? Well, the hammer finally came down on good ol’ Justin Matthews: The state charged him with a second-degree misdemeanor for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe […]

The Python Hunter is charged

Published Nov. 6, 2009 The Sarasota Herald-Tribune broke the news yesterday that Justin Matthews, the owner of Matthew’s Wildlife Rescue  who made international news for planting his 14-foot pet python “Sweetie” in a Bradenton storm drain, has been charged with a third-degree felony for misuse of a 911 emergency system and a second-degree misdemeanor for maintaining captive wildlife in […]

A photo exposé of Justin Matthews: The Python Hunter

Published Sept. 30, 2009 I spent a day with Justin Matthews of Matthews Wildlife Rescue to meet some of his friends from the animal kingdom and talk about his quest to bring attention to Florida’s Burmese Python problem. Matthews garnered international attention when he admitted to planting his pet 14-foot, 110-pound Burmese Python in a Bradenton […]

The Python Hunter gets wrapped in controversy

Published Sept. 29, 2009 (Photo courtesy naplesnews.com) Justin Matthews’ staged capture of a 14-foot python landed him in hot water with local media and the authorities, but he’s not apologizing For three years Justin Matthews has given daily educational wildlife presentations at Mixon Fruit Farms; the 47-year-old owner of Matthews Wildlife Rescue uses the enclosures at Mixon to […]