Published May 10, 2011

TWISler Breakdown: The SUM+ Conference gets brainy

It’s come to the TWISler’s attention lately that while it may be necessary to point out the negative aspects of Sarasota’s political escapades, it’s also important to shed some light on all the good things goin’ down in the hometown. (And honestly, it kinda sucks to be the barer of the bad news week after week…) So, instead of the constant bombardment of bummers and downers, The TWISler has resolved to start mixing it up a bit by providing the occasional positive and uplifting story for our devoted readers’ gracious consumption.

One such winning development is the upcoming SUM+ Conference on June 17 at the fancy schmancy Hyatt Hotel by the bay. The whole point of this daylong mind-bending obstacle course, which will group attendees into mini think-tanks and put them through a regimen of mental exercises, is to unite the most creative minds among us to ponder really, really hard about how in the Sam Hell we’re planning to run this city in a fashion that will produce the most beneficial results possible.

The concerned citizens staging this mass brainstorming session happen to be some of the freshest professionals in town, with the Sarasota Young Professionals Group teaming up with creative biz incubator HuB Sarasota to invite deep thinkers from across the local spectrum to wrap their heads around a range of topics involving our economic, social and political future. The goal is to show local movers and shakers how a hearty helping of good ol’ fashioned creativity and collaboration can add up to a whole bunch of bright ideas. As our city’s many colorful characters and diverse personalities add their two cents, it just may surprise a lot Sarasotans how far our collective story can progress when everyone’s on the same page.

With a focus on how to get the most out of our existing resources, the conference will look at ways we can successfully integrate modern technology, efficient design, smart development and environmental consciousness into our plans for the future. Of course local politicos and big name players are invited to attend, with Head of Communications Training at IMG Academies Steve Shenbaum and President of Next-Mark Joseph S. Grano, Jr. moderating the discussion. But this networking/community outreach event is actually aiming to attract any Joe Blow seeking to broaden their horizons by embracing creativity as a means to improving their professional, personal and public lives. Hopefully, we’ll all receive a right-brain update as we feed off each other’s ingenuity.

Isn’t that some smart thinkin’? And guess where they got the name. You’ll never guess:

The Whole is greater than… Get it? … GET IT?!?

So, that’ll be pretty awesome to see all our local brainiacs joining forces for the good of the whole. Because one thing’s for sure – all the scattered parts we’ve accumulated over the years haven’t been summing up to a whole lot lately. And we sure don’t want to be the ones trying to catch up down the road.

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