The Green Issue: Life and death — from green sex toys to an eco-funeral

Published April 14, 2010 LIFE Now, we all know how life begins. When mommy and daddy love each other very much they get it on and make a baby. But if mommy and daddy want to be green about their naughty escapades, there are a surprising number of ways to be sexually sustainable. If sex […]

Talking’ health care: Listening to what locals have to say about new health care legislation

Published March 31, 2010 With all the misinformation and rumors flying around about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as the health care reform bill, we decided to hit the streets to find out what people are actually thinking about the newly passed legislation. We also went ahead and read through the […]

What next? Friends throw a benefit for Eddie Sager

Published Dec. 29, 2009 CHARITY The story: A benefit called the “Kidney Koncert” is held for Eddie Sager on Nov.29 to help pay his medical bills after he was diagnosed with cancer over the summer and had no health insurance. What next? Everybody’s best friend in town, Sager is in much better shape these days, thanks to […]

What next? A Sarasota karate instructor invents Handi-Capabale Karate

Published Dec. 29, 2009 SPORTS The story: Shihan Donna Judge of Suncoast Karate Dojo launches Handi-Capable Karate, a DVD series thatteaches karate to the handicapped, after an Arkansas man with cerebral palsy named Jason Sasser contacted her about lessons. What next? Last month was the most encouraging month yet for Shihan Judge and her Handi-Capable Karate lessons. They sold […]

Eddie Sager may not have health insurance, but he has plenty of friends, and they’re helping him fight cancer with a charity concert this Sunday

Published Nov. 23, 2009   “It could have been a really ugly situation, and it’s turned into a really beautiful situation.” The Kidney Koncert: A Benefit for Eddie Sager 5-10 p.m. Sun., Nov. 29, The Children’s Garden, 1670 10th Way, Sarasota, 330-1711, $25 Six months ago Eddie Sager got home from his job taking care […]

As the Sarasota Film Society celebrates two decades of its popular annual film festival, Cine-World, we take a look at three of this weekend’s big features

Published Nov. 3, 2009 A still from Delta Rising, which will be screened at Burns Court Cinemas at 5:45 p.m. Sun., Nov. 8 Cine-World Film Festival Burns Court Cinemas: 506 Burns Lane, Sarasota, 1-10 p.m. Nov. 6-12; Lakewood Ranch Cinemas, 10715 Rodeo Drive, Lakewood Ranch, 7:45-10 p.m. Nov. 7-12; 955-3456 or The Sarasota Film Festival has […]