What next? A Sarasota karate instructor invents Handi-Capabale Karate

Published Dec. 29, 2009

The story: Shihan Donna Judge of Suncoast Karate Dojo launches Handi-Capable Karate, a DVD series thatteaches karate to the handicapped, after an Arkansas man with cerebral palsy named Jason Sasser contacted her about lessons.
What next? Last month was the most encouraging month yet for Shihan Judge and her Handi-Capable Karate lessons. They sold their first six copies of the “white belt” lessons in November and Judge will be finishing up the “yellow belt” DVD over the holiday break. Sasser became the first Handi-Capable student to officially earn his yellow belt and Judge looks forward to properly promoting him over the phone when he receives his belt in the mail. After Judge was asked to be a regional coach for the American karate team in the Martial Arts World Games, she convinced the tournament board to include a handi-capable division for the first time in history.

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