What next? Friends throw a benefit for Eddie Sager

Published Dec. 29, 2009

The story: A benefit called the “Kidney Koncert” is held for Eddie Sager on Nov.29 to help pay his medical bills after he was diagnosed with cancer over the summer and had no health insurance.
What next? Everybody’s best friend in town, Sager is in much better shape these days, thanks to the Kidney Kincert at The Children’s Garden. Sager’s friends raised a total of $8,000 at the event, half from entry fee donations and half from the art auction that a number of local artists participated in. Sager has already spent over $3,000 to pay off previous bills and has over $4,000 in reserves to tackle his first round of follow-up tests, which go down Dec. 28. He expects the CAT scan and chest X-ray to run about seven grand, but he’s not worried. He’s felt like a new man since his urologist’s two complimentary kidney surgeries.

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