The final destination in my epic journey to the remote towns of the Suncoast: Englewood

Mar. 25, 2009

Here is the final stop in my journey to the most remote towns of the Suncoast:


Chatting with locals at the front bar ofEnglewoods on Dearborn (362 W. Dearborn St., 475-7501, picture at right), the hot spot inOlde Englewood Village, I learned thatEnglewood (or “Wrinklewood,” or “Deadwood”) is the town where Venice retirees’ grandparents live and also the “place where people come to die, and don’t.” That’s some hometown pride! Olde Englewood Village, with its new pavers and streetlights, is obviously a kickin’ place to party, but the real thrilling action is down onEnglewood Beach. There are plenty of cops patrolling the boardwalk to drive away those hoodlums. Make sure to stop by the White Elephant Pub (1855 Gulf Blvd., 475-6801) for some live music. Just stay clear of karaoke night unless you like gray-haired ladies singing ’50s tunes. (Ouch!)


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